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Beecroft Fuels | For All Your Fuel and Industrial Lubricant Needs

Serving businesses all across the South Okanagan and Similkameen Valley, Beecroft Fuels is your source for bulk fuels, lubricants, filters, tanks, fittings and industrial accessories. Save your company time and money with our fuel and lubricant deliveries, or fill up your fleet at one of our 6 convenient 24-hour cardlock locations.

The Right Fuel for Your Application

Whether you operate a fleet of delivery vehicles, busy contracting company or simply require furnace fuel to heat your home, we carry the right fuel for your requirement, including:

Clear and marked regular gasoline

Clear and marked premium gasoline

Clear and marked diesel

Bio diesel

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

Furnace oil

Lubricants, Greases and Filters

Beecroft Fuels caters to industrial repair facilities, automotive repair shops and vehicle owners, providing a full line of high performance lubricants from 76 and Chevron. We also carry air and oil filters for most vehicles and heavy equipment manufacturers.

Fueling Accessories

Need a tank? Beecroft Fuels carries a wide variety of fueling accessories including pumps, nozzles, vent caps, fittings, elbows and more for farm and Tidy Tanks.

Special Offers

Bulk lubricant discounts for commercial and industrial clients

Large volume fuel discounts

Government rebates on marked fuel

line line Cardlock Network | 6, 24-Hour locations make it easy to fill up and go! Partner with Us | We offer a variety of fuels, oils and lubricants for home and business owners. Get in Touch | Find out more about what Beecroft Fuels can do for you.

New Location Coming Soon!

We will soon be opening a new location in West Kelowna. Find us just off the highway on the corner of Daimler and East Boundary Road.

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