The Similkameen Valley and South Okanagan's Source for Fuel, Lubricants and Filters

With access to clear and marked diesels and gasolines, Beecroft Fuels keeps you and your business moving! We also carry a full line of oils, lubricants and supplies required by industrial repair shops, automotive repair facilities and commercial fleet companies to run their day-to-day operations—our lubricant warehouses are located in Penticton and Princeton.


  • Marked regular gasoline
  • Marked premium gasoline
  • Clear regular gasoline
  • Clear premium gasoline
  • Marked diesel
  • Clear diesel
  • Bio diesel
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

Fuel Storage/Fuel System Accessories

  • Fuel and furnace oil tanks
  • Fuel, lubricant and air filters
  • Passenger vehicle filters
  • Industrial equipment filters
  • Hoses for farm and tidy tanks
  • Nozzles, fittings, vent caps, elbows and nipples for farm and tidy tanks


  • Industrial grade lubricants
  • High performance oils
  • Synthetic oils and greases
  • Food grade oils and greases
  • Anti-freeze
  • Window washer fluids
  • Octane boosters
  • Fuel stabilizers
  • Brake fluids
  • Diesel conditioners
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