Become a Beecroft Fuel Distributors Client

When you partner with Beecroft Fuels you'll gain access to eight, 24-hour cardlock locations throughout the South Okanagan, 2 full lines of industrial lubricants, prompt fuel deliveries and of course our team of dedicated customer service representatives. You'll also benefit from volume discounts and if eligible, government tax rebates for most agricultural operations.

If you have qualifying Farm Status, please click HERE for an additional form you will need to submit along with your credit application for the Farm Tax Rebate program.

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Payment Methods

Bank Transfer: We offer easy automatic payments directly from your business account! On each due date, we can go in and pay your bill just as if you had sent us a cheque or used your debit card!

Credit: We offer easy automatic payments directly from your Visa or MasterCard helping you earn those valuable points! On each billing date, we will apply your balance to the credit card through our secure servers!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns about becoming a Beecroft Fuels client.

Note: Our Princeton, Penticton, Oliver, West Kelowna and Midway offices are open to the general public during business hours if you would like to purchase fuel without setting up an account.